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% of israelis view president obama favorably. something he will try to change on thursday when speaks directly to the israeli people. in an address to thousands of students in jerusalem. politico describes president obama's itinerary as symbolism on steroids. the president will view the dead sea scrolls, and lay wreaths at the burial sites and and inspect an anti-missile battery. meanwhile, the "los angeles times" reports that for its part, israel sees the president's trip as a rare opportunity to garner some good press and is rolling out the red carpet. 1,000 u.s. and israeli flags will be hung notice streets of jerusalem. netanyahu's government has given president obama's visit his own iphone app and and an official logo showing u.s. and israeli flags morphed into one. katty, an iphone app, but low expectations. >> we thought we had the special relationship. >> we thought that was unbreakable. i wan to read a quote from tom friedman. he said the israeli-palestinian conflict has shifted from a necessity to a hobby. like any hobby, some days you work on it, some days you don't. but it usually
have is president obama does something brilliant and he uses emotion. that is what resonates with the low-information voter. that is not their fault. they have kid, they have family in their life and the kardashian family is show is awesome. i bring that up because when conservatives get up $1.5 trillion -- we throw out numbers and people say let's turn the channel. we need to work on messages that resonate on an emotional level with regular people and do in a way that they say that makes sense. we can't spend that money. obama is out there saying i'm cutting the deficit. we need to get angry because the american people are angry and obama is lying to you. we need to make that very, very clear. that's right! \[applause] >> the white house belongs to the conservative and anger is not what it takes. it takes an understanding of who obama is and what he is up to. what he is up to he does very well. hen wants to take this -- he wants to take this country to a state of socialism, which has not been achieved but it came close during the nixon administration. obama is doing what he
an awful lot of debates. moving on to something more serious, obama's first trip to israel and the west bank as president. what is he looking to accomplish on this trip and how will he be received in both places? >> the highlight is going to be a speech he's going to make in jerusalem. what he's looking to do is speak directly to the israel hee people. he's not looking to make a big speech and coming with no initiatives. i think what he wants to do is just reaffirm the commitment his administration has to israel. and i think he wants to reshape his image. it needs some shoring up in israel because the president has done a lot and he's concerned the message just has had trouble getting through. so a lot of hope that a speech can just help turn around his image. >> okay. lynn sweet with "the "chicago sun-times"," thanks for your insights this morning. >>> here's your first look at some of the other news going on around america. we start in pennsylvania where a tragic charter bus crash left two dead and 19 injured. the bus carrying 23 members of seton hill university women's lacrosse team
of the family. this is something you always talk about. president obama would be the perfect person. >> time writing something like that right now as an op-ed piece because i think the family breakdown is critical, but don't belittle the argument. we have had a rash of massacres in this country. the american people see it. that is why we have finally said, was slick is something reasonable, background checks, closing the gun show loophole. why are we as an american people throwing up our arms. >> we have used up a great deal of time on this and will have to move on. lou: i have to say, no one is dismissing this issue. it is really important that we not be exploited by those who find it politically advantageous to try to strip us of our weapons, and our -- >> i agree with you. lou: if i may. if i may. if i may. the fact of the matter is that this is an issue that requires absolutely careful thought and study. there are people who would reflexively try to deny americans their second amendment rights. to me it is repugnant, and we have to pause and ask why are these people and these groups and,
they give obama political advantage. but they also take the heat off themselves. if they said, yes, we're facing an exceed debt -- immediate debt crisis, people would demand they do something. so they're taking responsibility off their own shoulders. the runs are schizophrenic. they claim to be the fiscal conservatives and they're not. at least obama is consistent. he is a radical leftist and he acts and spend like a radical leftist. >> neil: do you think there's something more than just symbolism to these remarks and the fact it was both the speaker and the house budget chief and former vice-presidential candidate for president, saying this is tough but not immediately tough. these are the folks who voted, obviously, for the last deal that prompted taxes taxes to go. so it's a face-saving gesture as much as it is, wherever we're going from there. >> they voted for every deal. they've negotiated every deal. and so for all the talk, the fact of the matter is, obama has been to this -- about $6 trillion during his watch and so have the republicans in the house. maybe not the first two ye
. congressman cartwright, i want to get you to respond to something that senator corker says he wants president obama to do. here's what he said over the weekend. >> when the president uses his bully pulpit to explain to the american people that families are only paying one-third of the cost of medicare, we will know that we've begun the process of trying to solve this problem. i hope that happens as soon as he gets back from israel. >> congressman cartwright, i know there's a lot of disagreement about how you reform medicare. is there a raising of the age and all that. but should the president go out there and explain that there is some funding issues having to do with medicare to get more of the country engaged? >> well, first off, as i said before, there's a lot more that we agree about than what we disagree about. so, for example, i think the democrats and republicans both agree that we've got to get to a balanced budget picture. it's just a question of when and how do you do it. the democrats want to see a balanced approach. the republicans have their own approach that they've already talk
candidates coming up against barack obama who happens to be a terrific vote-getter and without barack obama, the field is much more level than it looks right now. lou: there is something treacherous about having the principal element of your strategy the absence of it. they will examine it in greater detail, and try to figure out by tom perez, and absolutely radical left winger will be the labor secretary. it appears. we will be back with the "a-team" in just a moment. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. lou: tom perez, controversial, radical. to
. >> what about tax reform? something president obama and the republicans in congress all say they want to do. with would that be a place to start? >> everybody wants corporate tax reform. our system is broken. it creates the wrong incentives and leads to more jobs yaever s overseas. it has to come as part of a bigger package it to get the numbers to work and the bigger package of tax reform, i think, is somewhat dubious because everybody talks about the trillion dollars of loopholes but nobody wants to eliminate the home interest deduction and all of that stuff is off the table. the times had an editorial all of these loopholes. you add up those numbers and it's a rounding error. the only way to deal with this is to attack the big stuff. >> conservatives are coming off their annual conference over the weekend but still big signals the party is not on the same page going forward. republican party chair reince priebus is pointing to branding as a major problem for the gop in the last election. >> i believe our parties had a real quality of contacts problem and what i mean is that we have
the obama haters of their hard-earned cash. >> okay. john, i want to play something that nra president david keen said at cpac this weekend. take a listen to this, john. >> for many of us, the republican party is the vehicle that we've chosen to accomplish to accomplish our political and policy goals. >> he says the gop is the selected vehicle for achieving the nra agenda. that makes the nra sound rather like a parasite on the host body of the republican party, doesn't it. >> it certainly has been in recent years. it used to be there were an awful lot of democrats who also had 100% nra ratings. that's no longer so much the case. look, as julian said, the world right now is bedeviled by what are called failed states. these are states where the government doesn't have enough authority to maintain security and protect people's lives. and what happens in these fails states is that you get war lords a and other groups that kill an awful lot of innocent people through this $100 billion a year weapons business, international arms trades. so the world is trying to get together to do something about
for something like 30 years and democrats called that wildly radical. what they're trying to do is give themselves a little maneuvering room. meanwhile barack obama saying we have no debt crisis at all and debt is not a problem is trying to hold a slightly firmer line to bring the republicans closer to them. bill: which is the comment he made last week. one more point on this you get a sense things have turned for the serious, whether you like the senate budget idea from last week or not. it appears now that the sides can engage. which is what house republicans have wanted for, what, three or four years now, am i right? >> yeah. i think you're right. sort of like the guy who decides he wants to be a taxidermist and a veterinarian and that way he can promise you get your dog back no matter what. the fact that the democrats are finally engaging on this which is a big problem for a lot of red state democrats but it is good news for the country because we're getting closer to regular order, the way this thing is supposed to work where both parties meet and reconcile actual documents. bill:
argueed more for a stimulus in obama's first term. is this what you're saying here? a greater stimulus would have allayed some of this? >> two things are important. basic economic principle, your spend something my income. my spend something your income. if we had a larger stimulus and we had spent it more wisely we "t" would have had more of an affect. it turns out the money we used to keep teachers and cops on the job although a lot of teachers have since been fired had very little affect. but the money we spent to fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure that we have to eventually fix anyway, that had a tremendously positive affect. we should have not long term multi decade national program. why can the chinese afford first-rate rail and highways more fabulous than we have. south korean internet, we can't forward this? because our government policies are focused on making the rich richer. and the republicans have basically said that to us. they said that the rich don't have enough, and the way to get them more is the austerity programs that will take from the poor the disabled, t
, wolf, i'll tell you this, there is no hope that president obama is going to make anything different, at least not on this trip. >> yeah, maybe they'll start something, but sure nothing much is going to be emerging in the immediate period ahead. john, we'll check back with you tomorrow. thanks very much. >> reporter: thank you. >>> president obama's newest cabinet already is facie ining opposition. today thomas perez was tapped to be labor secretary. david vitter and other conservatives say perez is too partisan as head of the justice department's civil rights division, but supporters say perez is a fierce defender of civil rights, who's been working to clean up his department. now that hillary clinton is a former cabinet member, she's publicly announcing for the first time that she supports same-sex marriage. that puts her in line with other leaders of the democratic party including president obama, and, yes, her husband. it's adding fuel to speculation she may be laying groundwork for a presidential bid in 2016. i know you think she will. >> if she's healthy. >> if her health stand
for obama says maybe we should get each gop candidate that has been effected by all issues and then maybe we could get something done. and teamster said to get something done that would require empathy, not often found in republicans. >> bill: good point. danny what do you think? >> caller: i think they all suffer from the [ inaudible ] program. remember wkrp, when there was an issue at the station, herb's response would be wait a minute, how does this effect me? >> bill: good point. >> caller: and a psychiatrist called in [ inaudible ] extreme when you are incapable of feeling any empathy toward anybody, i think that's called sociopath, isn't it? [ laughter ] >> bill: i get your point, danny, you got it. zach up in new york. >> caller: oh, zach from new york this ought to be an interesting one. and i would -- >> hey, zach? >> caller: yes. >> you are on man. >> caller: hi what is going on man? >> caller: i was talking about this guy who was basically trying to turn having a gay son into a political advantage and i think it's typical of the totally low class -- >> ann
but spending less than obama had hoped. in washington that is called a cut. if you wanted 10 of something and you only got eight of something, you say i got cut two. if you actually walk away with eight. so, that was a $2.50 trillion spending reduction over the next decade. it has not happened yet. we have several problems facing us. the trillion dollars in the obamacare tax increases that hit this decade, that begin to hit now. oddly enough, the president and the democrats in the house and senate decided to put the tax increases, the bulk of them, after the 2012 elections. so, everybody voted and now the tax increases hit. it is not helpful for the economy and i think it is going to be unpleasant for voters. from ron is up next watertown, south dakota. democrats' line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have listened to you for a long time and i find very little . don't disagree with per however, i know a little about the tax code and there are many things in the tax code, especially the business exemptions, that i very vague. and there's a lot of companies and businesses that don't
than obama had hoped in. in washington that's called a cut. if you wanted ten of something and you only got eight of something, you go i got cut too. actually, you walked away with eight. but, so that was a $2.5 trillion spending reduction over the next decade. it hasn't happened yet. we're still, we have several problems facing us. the trillion dollars in obamacare tax increases that hit this decade, that begin to hit now. oddly enough, the president and the democrats in the house and senate decided to put the tax increases, the bulk of them after the 2012 election. so everybody voted, and now the tax increases hit. it's not helpful for the economy, and i think it's going to be unpleasant for voters. >> host: ron's up next from watertown, south dakota, on the democratic line. good morning, ron. >> caller: good morning. >> guest: hey, ron. >> caller: yeah. thanks for taking my call. say, i have listened to you for a long time, and i find very little that i don't disagree with. however, i know a little bit about the tax code, and there's many things in the tax code, especially this busin
brought two props. i brought an original source of light that is about 5,000 years old and something that was invented in the late 19th century. i want to show you how big it is in politics. if we were still in the age of the candle with barack obama and the modern left. first of all, we would have studies how many poor people couldn't afford candles. then we would have a focus on a candle redistribution law. then we would have the candle making union asking to block the making of the electric light. then we would have groups based in san francisco arguing that electric lights will endanger the environment and we'll have at least three lawyers running ads that say you can be killed by electricity. if someone tries to put electricity if n your house call us and we'll sue them for you. both parties are prisoners of the past. they are trapped in the ideas nd mind set. they they are all trapped in the age of candles. the first effort in electric light was 1800. in 189 thomas edson's laboratory had the first successful electric light. it lasted 13.5 hours. within a few months, edson hit a
obama is going through to reassure skeptical israelis about where he stands on iran. >> i have been crystal clear about my position on iran possessing a nuclear weapon. that is a redline for us. it's something that would not only be dangerous for israel but would be dangerous for the world. >> reporter: while he says all options are on the table to stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the president also wants to convince israeli leaders to allow more time for diplomacy. >> what we're going to be doing is continuing to engage internationally with iran understanding that we've set up the toughest sanctions ever. it's having a significant effect. >> reporter: a tough sell analysts say when israel believes iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than the u.s. does. and the tense relationship between the countries' leaders doesn't help. >> president obama and prime minister netanyahu have had a strained relationship for the last four years. it's difficult to see, but this visit is going to change the underlying dynamic in that relationship. >> here at home president obama putting the fi
something that the brilliant minds of the republican caucus had not been able to do, to win an argument against in president and make president obama look very small. >> megyn: that's an interesting point, bill, forget for a moment your position on drones and the use of them, but rand paul got up and he challenged president obama and wound up getting the answer which was the answer he wanted. and pressured eric holder coming out and saying, okay, no, we won't use drones on american people and you know, we don't have evidence they're an imminent threat to the country so he did score a victory against the obama white house and the accusation is that other republicans didn't have the courage to do it. >> well, i don't think the republicans thought that was important enough issue to fight on and i happen to degree with them on that. he got an a statement, his statements from eric holder. what rand paul should want is congressional legislation, maybe he'll introduce it. look, i admire his political entrepreneurship. i wish more republicans showed the spunk, the nerve, the verve that rand pau
no you're going to say something in that whatever response to it. thank you very much. it's tough work. even at that. president obama nominated thomas perez as the next labor secretary this morning. some republicans are already voicing concern about this. and jeff flock is live at the white house. i think the senator from louisiana is already saying no way. >> is going to block this in the senate. does not kill the nomination, but it does create some problems for the administration after thomas perez, the president's pick to lead the labor department is at department of justice right now. the head of the civil rights division, the administration points to settlements in the fair housing act, something that he has achieved at the department of justice and the administration basically says they're going to take that and effectively pursue their goals at department of labor. >> he has worked with ceos the labor leaders, federal, state, local government levels. and throughout he understands that our economy works best when the middle class and those working to get into the middle-class hav
. >> they have to do something. >> they follow twitter. >> did you wear your jacket last week? >> no. >> will you write down all of the key deferences for obama care for me? >> what do you mean? >> no, i want her to actually -- no, i want to see the difference. explain to me. >> all right. go ahead. >> well, we've been watching some of the other markets. we told you what happened in japan overnight. you saw what happened in europe. take a look at the futures here. dow futures down by 80 points. s&p 500 futures are down, as well. this comes after weeks of the dow and the s&p marching towards new highs every day. you can see right now that the ten-year at this point is yielding 1.944%. oil prices did come under some pressure, even though they've been pushing higher on friday, you can see they're down. this is part of what happens when you see the euro coming under pressure on a stronger dollar. take a look very quickly at gold prices this morning. they're up by close to $10. 1602 an ounce. >>> cnbc has a team of reporters covering every aspect of the cypress story this morning and is can why it mat
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)